Our 5 Star Method of Texturing

All walls, flooring and furniture are completely covered with heavy-duty 7/10 mil. plastic visqueen. Lighter, less expensive plastics are not used because they tend to tear easily, creating an opportunity for a mess. We do not use drop cloths that may scratch or re-use plastic.

Popcorn is removed by lightly wetting using an airless paint sprayer. We do not use waterhoses inside home. Cracks are mended with fiberglass tape and sudden bond high strength fast drying compounds.

When location permits, textures are installed with a Spray Force texture rig. These rigs enable us to spray while just bringing a hose into your home. They produce beautiful popcorn and knockdown textures. Portable “hopper units” are used in special situations; such as multiple story locations. Sparkling effects if requested are sprayed.

Ceilings are completely primed with Zinnser odorless primer. Our primers are more costly than regular Kilz primers. The primer covers water stains and smoke damage with less odor. Finish paint is Sherwin Williams Promar 400 Zero Voc paint which is safer then regular paint.

All masking materials are carefully wrapped up and removed from the premises. Furniture is moved back as needed.

Protect Yourself

When Shopping for Home Improvements Always Get Credentials & Specifications in Writing. Ask for License # and Proof of Insurance.
(Liability & Workmen’s Compensation)
Liability Policy: #98-TY-0285-3
Workmen’s Compensation: #98-TY-1310-8-F